Monday, January 1, 2007

~Sketchy Time~



LauraBraga said...

Hi Rob.
Great Sketches. Your pencils are strong and i like them.
Great work.


chris chua said...

amazing sketches:) Love the girl sitting on the top right hand corner. Great feel.

Mai said...

Giro told me about your site. Wow you are mega talented. Great drawings!!

Anonymous said...

Man you rocks!!! i just love your drawings dude!!


RoB said...


Thank you all so much for this wonderful support.

Laura- Thank you for the kind words.

Chris- I am glad you like that girl, it was fun to draw. Thanks for support.

Mai- Great to hear from you! Awesome you got to met Giro! Thanks for the encouragement and support.

Giro- Thanks bro!~ Its a pleasure to have you comment on my blog. YEPPA YEPPA! :)

Thank again everyone for the wonderful welcome and support on my blog pages.