Monday, June 18, 2007

~!In and Out!~

Hey dudes and dudettes!!!

I hope you are all doing great. Well, I am on my third week here at R+H and it has been going AWESOME!!! I feel like my time here is just zooming by. I have two more weeks and then I am back in SF…weep weep :(

This past weekend was awesome! I got to see the special sneak preview of Ratatouille playing here in LA! All I have to say is that Brad Bird and the amazing Artists at Pixar did it again! When it comes out, RUN TO THE THEATER TO SEE IT!!! And see it at least 100 times; trust me you will want to see it more than that! It is such an amazing film with a great message that anyone can be what they want to be no matter the odds! :)

I also had another run at eating those amazing burgers at In and Out! :) If you don't know what that is, you need to come to So-Cal! They are so good! ;) Yummy!!!

Well, that is it for me. Have a wonderful week! Keep on swimming....keep on swimming~ :)

Nice! In and Out Burgers!!! Yum!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

~!Fun and Sun!~


Thank you all for all the wonderful comments that you have left me on my previous post about the apprenticeship at Rhythm and Hues studios. I am here in LA now for only a month. You might be asking yourselves, “only a month?” Well, the animation apprentice program only runs for a month then I am back in San Francisco to finish up my final class on Animation Mentor. I also wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and support on my little blog area here in regards to the sketches I post, I totally appreciate it! I was given this opportunity at Rhythm and Hues for animation and not illustration, so I wanted to make that clear as well.

On to the good stuff, Rhythm and Hues is such a great and cool place to be!!! The people and the company have been so good to me here. The atmosphere is laid back yet hard working. I know that sounds a bit contradictory but they love to work and play hard here; which is great!!! The work they are doing here is top notch and just inspiring. I hope to tell you more these coming weeks through my experience as an apprentice. Which is not much because I signed an agreement saying I won't say anything, so sorry about that..hehe :P But just know that it is an unbelievable and inspiring crew of artist here at Rhythm and Hues!

In other news, I also went to visit the beaches this weekend and let me tell you that are just amazin!!!! This is California! Fun and sun!!! Santa Monica and Venice beach are just soooo beautiful!

Below is a sketch of a lady that looked like someone I remember seeing on Venice Beach. So it is my memory sketch for the week. I tell you this area has to be one of the best places to bring you sketch book or a piece of paper and draw like crazy; but unfortunately I forgot my sunblock :P So many different types of people along the board walk that are just great for sketching!

I apologize for the image quality but I have no scanner up here in LA; so I had to use my camera to take a pic of it under poor light conditions. I hope you enjoy the sunny pics below as well :)

I will have more to post next week for sure. But for now enjoy the pics, it is so beautiful here and the pictures just don’t do it justice. I should get to bed now because I have to wake up super early and that is something I am not use to yet :P But its so worth it, because I still can’t believe I am here at such an AWESOME studio that is Rhythm and Hues! And I am only two blocks away from the beach! :)