Monday, June 18, 2007

~!In and Out!~

Hey dudes and dudettes!!!

I hope you are all doing great. Well, I am on my third week here at R+H and it has been going AWESOME!!! I feel like my time here is just zooming by. I have two more weeks and then I am back in SF…weep weep :(

This past weekend was awesome! I got to see the special sneak preview of Ratatouille playing here in LA! All I have to say is that Brad Bird and the amazing Artists at Pixar did it again! When it comes out, RUN TO THE THEATER TO SEE IT!!! And see it at least 100 times; trust me you will want to see it more than that! It is such an amazing film with a great message that anyone can be what they want to be no matter the odds! :)

I also had another run at eating those amazing burgers at In and Out! :) If you don't know what that is, you need to come to So-Cal! They are so good! ;) Yummy!!!

Well, that is it for me. Have a wonderful week! Keep on swimming....keep on swimming~ :)

Nice! In and Out Burgers!!! Yum!



dintoons said...

wow!! rob, reading about your fantastic adventures in LA feels like one is almost transported to the beaches there!! your enthusiasm is infectious! well i guess thats what joyous creativity and a positive spirit does... very inspiring!!
that's a really neat n sharp sketch of the swimsuited tatooed lady... looks like you've done some really deep observation here! :o)
the burgers do look yummy! :o) er, i'll have the veg one, if you please...
you say the atmosphere at R&H is laid back yet hard working... now that's really working smart! take care and do enjoy the rest of your stay and training sessions! ;o)

GhettoFab said...

always love hearing how wonderful of a time your havin! Awesome post and hope the rest of your trip out is just as fun if not more so!

You rock Rob!

RoB said...

Dintoons: Awesome dude! I am glad you are enjoying my journey along this industry. I love to share my experience so that when others get an opportunity like this they know more or less what to expect. Oh yeah veggie burgers, they are great as well :)

Mel: Glad you are enjoying them dude!~ Thanks, I have about a week and some days left here in paradise, then I am back to San Fran. I will try to do a huge update next time with all the final images of So-Cal.


kl said...

Hey Rob, I haven't tasted fast food for over a year, was it good?


RoB said...

Kun: Hey dude!!! Great to hear from you! Yeah dude, its great food out here. But I know in San Fran, at the pier they have an In and Out, you should go check it out if you have the time.