Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Going Back to the East Coast...


...I apologize for not posting up in a long time but I have been packing to move home. Yup, many things have crossed my mind and I decided that I will move back to the East coast for the time being until I can find some open positions in animation.

It was a good run while it lasted here in SF; I made good friends and got to see many cool sights and sounds not only in the No-Cal but in So-Cal as well. It has gotten way too expensive for me to stay out here in California. The job market now is pretty tapped out from what I have been seeing. So, I decided that I will keep applying out from the East coast with hopes of trying to get a job sometime in the near future but as they say, ‘tomorrow is promise to no one.’

I am not giving up on my dream to be an animator but it is certainly on hold at the moment until I can find work and settle down financially to something more stable. Talk about a bad time to finish school; most studios are in full production and have no open positions, so I guess this is the best time to visit back home for awhile until things open up. So, this post might be one of my last for a while; at least until I can get back East, unpack and connect myself back to the net.

Ok, switching gears here, I noticed a lot of talk about this Wilhelm scream a couple of weeks ago, maybe it was the anniversary of this famous scream sound byte. So, one night I was bored and decided to look into this more and I was finally able to hear this unique scream and let me tell yah; its a funny scream. This scream is like a cult phenomenon in films or something. So I drew a dude screaming :P

I really want to thank everyone who has come to my little blog spot here . I can’t stress how much it has been a huge support for me to hear back from other like minded and passionate artist out there I just wanted to say THANK YOU !~

Until next time, see you on the East Coast!~