Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Going Back to the East Coast...


...I apologize for not posting up in a long time but I have been packing to move home. Yup, many things have crossed my mind and I decided that I will move back to the East coast for the time being until I can find some open positions in animation.

It was a good run while it lasted here in SF; I made good friends and got to see many cool sights and sounds not only in the No-Cal but in So-Cal as well. It has gotten way too expensive for me to stay out here in California. The job market now is pretty tapped out from what I have been seeing. So, I decided that I will keep applying out from the East coast with hopes of trying to get a job sometime in the near future but as they say, ‘tomorrow is promise to no one.’

I am not giving up on my dream to be an animator but it is certainly on hold at the moment until I can find work and settle down financially to something more stable. Talk about a bad time to finish school; most studios are in full production and have no open positions, so I guess this is the best time to visit back home for awhile until things open up. So, this post might be one of my last for a while; at least until I can get back East, unpack and connect myself back to the net.

Ok, switching gears here, I noticed a lot of talk about this Wilhelm scream a couple of weeks ago, maybe it was the anniversary of this famous scream sound byte. So, one night I was bored and decided to look into this more and I was finally able to hear this unique scream and let me tell yah; its a funny scream. This scream is like a cult phenomenon in films or something. So I drew a dude screaming :P

I really want to thank everyone who has come to my little blog spot here . I can’t stress how much it has been a huge support for me to hear back from other like minded and passionate artist out there I just wanted to say THANK YOU !~

Until next time, see you on the East Coast!~



Jake Kalsbeek said...

Keep the faith my friend! My favorite of these sketches has to be knight with the broken sword. I like those skinny arms and legs. He has a lot of character to him.

Piya said...

Look forward to seeing you back here in New York. Right in time to get dumped on by Northeast winters!!!

Jordi said...

Hey RoB!!

All the best and keep rocking dude


Ken said...

Good luck with the move! Im sure its only a matter of time and perseverance before you get that dream job dude ;)

And cool sketches!

dintoons said...

rob, congrats on completing your course! n all the very best for your job search!
just keep drawing and animating with all that passion in your heart, my friend... and you'll soon find that right job come searching for ya!

haha the doggy and the last guy are quite a pair, maybe they should have been in the same drawing together :o)

GhettoFab said...

Dood a magnificent round of goodies!

What part of the east coast you goin to? Good luck to you man. Remember alot of my career is hangin on you to get hollywood soon ;)

I know you'll get there. Hope all is well with you

You da man!

StudioRisingStar said...


Don't leave me ROBBY!

I'm going to miss you!


Kei Phillips said...

love the design of these characters... good work

aintshakespeare said...

Oh man, great stuff. I love the knight with the broken sword. What character.

&Rew said...


I'll be at 1988sf tonight- if you make it out make sure you say hello.


adrian said...

Good luck man. I know the feeling. I've been looking too, but you gotta keep that quality of life in mind. I have a house and all and I sometimes wonder if I want to give that all up to live in a city that's brutally expensive.
Keep plugging man!!!

StudioRisingStar said...

Say it aint soez! Say it aint soez!


VishyFishy said...

your drawings are really fun! i get a smile just looking at them =D
cool blog~

Alfredo said...


Awesome to see Mediocre Man on the net...
can't wait to see the rest of the drawings.
I really like the Knight composition and the screaming Guy.
the halloween dog too.
awesome work dude!
hope to see more and someday your Short Film!

tom said...

Damn! There is such a great art in here, and nobody leave a comment?
I really like your works here, so keep posting!

Olivier Ladeuix said...

are you still on the East cost then Robert? how is the job search?

robertc said...

i wish you the best bro. i also hope to see more sketches from ya. email me if you get the chance (robert@robertcasumbal.com). I'd like to rap about the whole AM experience and the east coast! :) peace man. - robert casumbal

Anonymous said...

All the best dude! Good luck on your job searching and I am looking forward to see some new animation works from you!


RoB said...

Jacob: Ahh, so great to hear from yah dude and always a pleasure! Thanks for the pick me up and the kind words. I am glad you liked the knight; he had to be the one that was the most fun for me to draw :)

Piya: Holy Crap dude! Its Freaking Cold as the Antarctic back in NY…BRrr…I hope to see you soon as well dude. NYC! WoOt!~

Giro: Hey dude!!! Wow, haven’t heard from you in a long time, what is up dude!? I hope you are doing well, great to hear from you, I hope to run into on the chat sometime :)

Ken: Ahh, coming form you dude, that makes me feel so much better. Gosh, I need to totally pass by your area to get some inspiration! Thanks for the pick me up Ken! :)

Dintoons: Thanks for the Congrats :) Yeah, I intend to keep on dreaming as I always have, I hope you are right and I will get to land that cool job somewhere, here is to hoping :) Thanks again for the nice words and I totally agree I should put the dog and the guy together, they would make a nice pair :)

Mel: Ahh, dude, nice avatar, TF2 looks like a fun game; unfortunately I have not been able to play it but I hope to some day. Great to hear from the man, I hope you are doing well. I need to pass by and totally say hello. HAHA, dude, you got it man, Hollywood…once I get through all this red tape its on like Donkey Kong, first class all the way bro! :) Thanks for the pick me up! :)

Brandon: HAHA, your funny dude! Sorry man but I had to go…money and all that jazz you know how it is but rest assured old friend I will be back and I hope that things will be better in the future :) Keep in touch dude!

Kei: Thank you so much!~ Ahh, coming from you that is ooh so welcoming and I am honored that you like them so much. I have to go to your blog as well to get some inspiration! I can’t wait to see what I have missed :)

Aintshkespeare: Great avatar and name tag dude! Wow, thank you so much for passing by my little blog area. I am glad you liked the Knight, it seems to be the favorite :) I will be sure to pass by your area, thank again for passing by :)

&Rew: Damn dude, I could not make it unfortunately and I am totally kicking myself in the ASS for missing it do it other events that came up that conflicted with yours. Ahh, I hope it went well. Comic Con dude, we must totally meet :)

Adrian: Thanks for the support dude. I will certainly take your advice and keep pluggin away :)

Vishyfishy: HAHA, awesome tag name and great avatar!!! Thanks for the kind words and for coming by, I will be sure to pass by yours as well. All my best :)

Alfredo: PANAMA!!! Holy crap, he is up and blogging! Damn, I have to pass by and send my comments to your blog. I can’t wait to see that latest update that you told me that you put up. I hope it’s not too boring without me at the famous 5308 ;)

Tom: DUDE! You are too kind. Thank you so much for leaving me a comment and for passing by my little area. Your work is awesome dude, so getting a comment from you is an honor! I will be sure to pass by your area to get some inspiration! :)

Olivier: WHOA! Great to hear from yah man! Yep, I just got back to the East coast and I have internet so now I can get back to blogging and all that stuff. Job search has been slow and slim to say the least but I hope things look up as I move forward into the New Year. How are things with you? I hope they are well :) I will be sure to pass on by your area, thanks for checking up on me dude :)

RobertC: Hey dude, great to hear from yah! Yes, I will for sure keep in touch. I apologize for not being up to date here on my blog but things got a bit hectic and well now I am back to normal so I will definitely so you some blog support after I get all settled in :)

Kun: Dude, thank you so much for the support and it’s so nice to hear from yah! I hope your job search has been going better than mine. I will start working on new animations soon. Thanks for coming by :)

Thanks again everyone for all the wonderful support…well, I guess back to the drawing board :P