Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I want to first say a huge "THANK YOU!" to all of you guys and gals that wished me a Happy Birthday last week, that put a huge smile on my face :D

Well, nothing much going on this week, so here is some sketches, enjoy!



tom said...

Great style, all over your blog!
I'm glad you found my blog, 'cause I found your blog :D

&Rew said...

the dog is hella dope. i rilly wanna see some of you work in motion.

cool cool.


dintoons said...

hahaha lovely stuff! funny dog there, and love the zapped expression on the first guy's face!

and the clean lines do look very NIIICE indeed!!!:o)

StudioRisingStar said...

Great stuffin Rabby!
Great Stuffin!


Lee said...

Nice work!

Peer Lemmers said...

AAh dude! cant believe i missed yr birthday! I remember when all our lifes were sync at AM we would know these things better.. so HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! happy happy birthday to tooooyyyuuuuuuoooo!

cheers bro!

Kei Phillips said...

HI!!! thanks so much 4 ur kind words! i only wish i was as good as u!

i love ur work, tiss awesome! i like the dogs expression!

RoB said...

Tom: Thanks dude. I am glad you stopped by and thank you again for the kind words.

&rew: Thanks dude! Yeah, once I put it all together I will be sure to show it.

Dintoons: Thanks dude, wow, that dog is a favorite :) Great to hear dude, thanks for all the nice words :)

Studiorisingstar:Hey dude, thanks!Hehe, funny wording, I can totally hear you say that. :)

Lee: Thanks dude!

Peer: Haha, well its the thought that counts :) I hope you are doing well, its great to hear from someone from the OSG, its been a while.

Kei Phillips: NO WAY!!! Ahh, you are waaay to nice to me. You have AMAZING ROCKING WORK! Very inspirational to me, huge fan of you work here. Thank you so much for the super kind words :D


GhettoFab said...

FIrstly-- I wanted to wish you a belated "happy bday"

number 2 -- congraduations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome that you graduated. You kik ass

and B--- you rock and I love this round of characters. you should have no trouble gettin to hollywood and I hope you hook me up when you get there.

Ken Chandler said...

Your dog cracks me up! Good stuff!

RoB said...

Mel:Thanks dude! I am so excited to be on the alumni site! And you are way too kind too me, if anything I will need your help to make it in Hollywood. Thanks dude, you have always been so supportive.

Ken C:Thanks for dropping by dude. I am glad you liked the dog. :)



There is some good stuff here man....

Much props.


RoB said...

GogoPedro: Thanks dude! I am glad you dropped by :)


Ahed Khatib said...

I know I have probably said this to you before, but you're line quality never ceases to amaze. Very crisp and confident lines, I love'em!

Laters mang :D

RoB said...

Ahed: Thank you so much dude! I draw a lot of roughs first before I drop a clean line; so trust me when I say, its a lot of roughs :) Thanks for coming by dude, your latest digital sketches look awesome!!!


Ken said...

Happy belated birthday! I love that dog sketch!!!

RoB said...

Ken: Thanks dude, I totally appreciate it! :)


Alfredo said...

The first guy looks like the President of Panama!!! hahahah
awesome drawings... hope to see more soon.

RoB said...

Alfredo: Awesome dude! Thanks. Great to see yah finally have a blog, WOOT!


cdeboda said...

I really like the drawings here! And that dog is way cool. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently too. I might ask more on your thoughts on AnimationMentor as well...sounds interesting.