Friday, September 21, 2007

...~!What a week!~...


What a crazy week and it’s not even over yet! :P
Well, I finally finished my time at the coolest school ever, Animation Mentor! I want to express my absolute deepest respect to the school’s Co-Founders (Bobby, Sean and Carlos), Mentors, and of course my fellow Peers that I call friends/animation ninjas on Animation Mentor!

It was a journey filled with ups and downs, but I made it out alive and with a new understanding on the art of animation. I wanted to wish all my fellow AM’ers a HUGE CONGRATS on finishing the program! You guys and gals are AWESOME!!!

So, what now? Hmm, I really don’t know I guess check out the alumni site and try to find a job :P

But before I do that, I am gonna take a day off to at least celebrate my Burfday…err…I mean Birthday :P

Yup, I am getting older, so here is to my Birthday…WOOT!

Well, it wouldn't be a proper post without a sketch. I apologize that I have not been keeping my blog up to date but I hope that changes now with some free time away from my pc for a bit.

This below is a cartooney caricature of a roommate of mine we call the general, I sketched it out for fun. He always has headphones around his neck and he actually has a beret on his head that he wears. Yeah, he is crazy but a cool guy so here is to you general, ATTEND HUT!!! :P

I will finally be able to post more now that I am done with AM at least for the moment. Next stop for me is the Alumni site, I can't wait to see it!



Olivier Ladeuix said...

congratulation on finishing AM Rob! What a ride!

Did you manage to find this flaming cake downtown yesterday?

Lee said...

Great work! enjoying your Blog!

Maciek Gliwa said...

Congrats buddy!
Now it's my turn to do class 6 ;). I just printed all of your words of wisdom :). Can't wait to meet you again on the graduation party. Have fun on the alumni site. And I just can't wait to see fully rendered short. You did awesome job! Congrats!

Will said...

Happy Burfday, buddy.

Booyah, to you.

Piya said...

Happy Birthday dude! Where's YOUR birthday self portrait?:-)Big Congrats on finishing AM. Man, that consumed your life for the past what, three years?? You worked so hard on it, congratulations!

robertc said...

congrats and happy birthday! best wishes to you and your upcoming job search. you deserve a much needed break from the pc. can't wait to see more sketches from ya!

&Rew said...

congrats on finishing the AM. is there a place that we non AM ninjas can see any of your animation stuff? it would be great to see some of your work animated.

happy birthday! i hope ya had a good one.


Kei Phillips said...

Woot! i like his expression

Anonymous said...

hey Ninja!!

1st thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY...a bit late but I hope you had fun dude.

2nd all the best luck during your hunting job... Dale duro!!

talk u soon

RoB said...

Thanks yal! :p

Olivier: Dude, thanks bro! Haha, no flaming cakes here.

Lee: Thanks, I appreciate the visit. WooT!~

Mac: Yeah dude, once again I will be in the presence of the great MAC ATTACK! :) Thanks for the support dude!

Will: DUDE!!!! Great to hear from yah!!! I WAS ROLLING ON THE FLOOR WHEN I READ THE BOOYAH COMMENT! I hope you are doing well in LA dude :)

Piya: Haha, no self portrait, I can't stand looking at myself, if you want you can draw me someday. Haha, no, not three years, more like 14 months :P

RobertC: Thanks dude. Yup those sketches should be coming by tomorrow or tonight :) Thanks again for the well wishes on my B-Day :)

&Rew: Whoa, the man comes by my area! :) Thanks dude. Hehe, you may not animate but your are certainly an Illustration Ninja that is for sure! Hmm..well you can see all those crazy ninja animators I call friends up on Animation Mentor's website. I wish I could say I am on it but I am not. One day when I get a cool website I would like to show my animation. I hope to do that soon.

Kei: Great! Thanks for coming to my area! I am a big fan of you work! Thanks for all the nice words :)

Giro: DUDE!!! Where have you been? Great to here from the man! You must be super busy. Thanks for giving me the support here dude. I will try to hit it up hard with those demo reels once I get it done. :)

Thanks again everyone! You guys rock!


Alfredo said...

WTHM... awesome to see the General on the net.
Maybe you should do the full body caricature of it.
to make a 3D model of it!! :P

RoB said...

Yeah dude, WTHM!~ Heheh, great to see yah bloggin dude! Thanks for coming by.