Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just enjoying home…

…it sure is nice to see what has changed and hasn’t changed back here in the Tri-State Area. It is super cold back here in the East and at times you see little sprinkles of snow here and there but nothing big quite just yet. Once the snow really hits us, if it hits us at all this year; I will be sure to take pics for you guys and gals :) But in the meantime, enjoy these artificial huge snowflakes from NY :P

In other news, I finally got around to making a links list which will be located on the right side of this blog; so be sure to check these fellow artists, some friends of mine mixed with other artist I admire from the blog community and regular websites :) Coming very soon.

I will be updating this list more and more every week; so for those of you who don’t see yourself there, please keep in mind that there are a lot of people that I have yet to put up and I am in the process of doing so; but be sure to remind me if I haven’t :)

Well, here are some sketches for the week, I will update again really soon but in the meantime enjoy the sketches :)

Oh yeah, here is a fun little quick recording sketch I did on my Wacom. It was fun to record myself as I was figuring shapes out. I will tell yah, when your recording yourself drawing, you become very self aware of how fast or slow you are really drawing…hehe… it was really fun experiment to do and I just wanted to share that with you guys and gals. I hope you all like it :)

Oh, and one last thing, I just got an email from a good friend of mine and fellow artist, Piya Wannachaiwong about an article on the word ‘w00t’ that I use so much. I went ahead and explored this further and well it is true, ‘w00t’ has won Webster's Word of the Year! Ok, so you might be asking yourself why are you saying this RoB? Well, if anyone knows me I am always signing off or saying the word ‘WooT’ all the time :P So I was happy to hear that this word is well, word of the year..hehe ^_^

Three cheers for the word of the year!


And on that note I am out…


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still Alive….

…but barely :(

Yeah, so, uhh, hmm….what is up!?

Man, it has been a while since I graced the pages of my blog and let me tell yeah its needs some updating. YIKES!~

First off I want to say a HUGE SUPER BIG, ‘THANK YOU!~’ to those who have commented on my last post...which was in October...ouch! That was a long time ago...well sorry about that but there has been a lot of soul searching since then and packing and finally traveling,etc.

But in all seriousness, I was really touched by the nice comments and encouragement that everyone left. Thanks a bunch! :)

Well, I am back on the East coast and let me tell yah, it is freaking cold out here right now!!! Wow, was I spoiled by the nice weather of San Francisco so much so that I got sick on the way here and I am still recovering :(
But hey, its home and I love it this time of year here in the East. You really feel the spirit of Christmas and all that holiday season junk…hehe :P

So many people have asked “Have you found work?” or “What the hell are you doing now?” ..oh and my favorite, "Hey! Are you dead?" Well, not much to report boys and girls…I am very much alive but other than that I am still looking for work. So in the mean time while I look for work I will be on this blog a lot more and probably working on an actually website. But in the mean time I have to make income so I might just have to give into the meat grinder and find a regular steady 9-5 boring desk job if I must…ugh!~ Not pleasing at all but hey, it’s a living :P I hope that this will not be the case and that I acctually find something before keep yah fingers crossed :)

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting around the blogs…I am sure I have to play serious catch up on all the great artwork that is out there being updating by my favorite artists and friends. I hope I haven't been too absent from my blog that people have already forgotten me; but I guess its time to post more and comment around to see what the vibe is on the blogs.

Oh, cool little thing I found while browsing the net, was this little bear packaging from Japan, super cute so I thought, hey, why not post it up:

Anyway, I thought it was cute and those who know me will know why I put up that little bear thing :P

Well, thanks again for those who still keep coming to my little blog area :) I will be on top of it now since I have so much free time...


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Going Back to the East Coast...


...I apologize for not posting up in a long time but I have been packing to move home. Yup, many things have crossed my mind and I decided that I will move back to the East coast for the time being until I can find some open positions in animation.

It was a good run while it lasted here in SF; I made good friends and got to see many cool sights and sounds not only in the No-Cal but in So-Cal as well. It has gotten way too expensive for me to stay out here in California. The job market now is pretty tapped out from what I have been seeing. So, I decided that I will keep applying out from the East coast with hopes of trying to get a job sometime in the near future but as they say, ‘tomorrow is promise to no one.’

I am not giving up on my dream to be an animator but it is certainly on hold at the moment until I can find work and settle down financially to something more stable. Talk about a bad time to finish school; most studios are in full production and have no open positions, so I guess this is the best time to visit back home for awhile until things open up. So, this post might be one of my last for a while; at least until I can get back East, unpack and connect myself back to the net.

Ok, switching gears here, I noticed a lot of talk about this Wilhelm scream a couple of weeks ago, maybe it was the anniversary of this famous scream sound byte. So, one night I was bored and decided to look into this more and I was finally able to hear this unique scream and let me tell yah; its a funny scream. This scream is like a cult phenomenon in films or something. So I drew a dude screaming :P

I really want to thank everyone who has come to my little blog spot here . I can’t stress how much it has been a huge support for me to hear back from other like minded and passionate artist out there I just wanted to say THANK YOU !~

Until next time, see you on the East Coast!~


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I want to first say a huge "THANK YOU!" to all of you guys and gals that wished me a Happy Birthday last week, that put a huge smile on my face :D

Well, nothing much going on this week, so here is some sketches, enjoy!


Friday, September 21, 2007

...~!What a week!~...


What a crazy week and it’s not even over yet! :P
Well, I finally finished my time at the coolest school ever, Animation Mentor! I want to express my absolute deepest respect to the school’s Co-Founders (Bobby, Sean and Carlos), Mentors, and of course my fellow Peers that I call friends/animation ninjas on Animation Mentor!

It was a journey filled with ups and downs, but I made it out alive and with a new understanding on the art of animation. I wanted to wish all my fellow AM’ers a HUGE CONGRATS on finishing the program! You guys and gals are AWESOME!!!

So, what now? Hmm, I really don’t know I guess check out the alumni site and try to find a job :P

But before I do that, I am gonna take a day off to at least celebrate my Burfday…err…I mean Birthday :P

Yup, I am getting older, so here is to my Birthday…WOOT!

Well, it wouldn't be a proper post without a sketch. I apologize that I have not been keeping my blog up to date but I hope that changes now with some free time away from my pc for a bit.

This below is a cartooney caricature of a roommate of mine we call the general, I sketched it out for fun. He always has headphones around his neck and he actually has a beret on his head that he wears. Yeah, he is crazy but a cool guy so here is to you general, ATTEND HUT!!! :P

I will finally be able to post more now that I am done with AM at least for the moment. Next stop for me is the Alumni site, I can't wait to see it!


Friday, August 24, 2007

~!The Super Donut!~

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My short film has been taking up my time as well as accommodating space for our new roommates in this small apt. So I have been busy with all that jazz that life entails. Not much to say this week so I will keep it short. Have a great weekend and I will have another post up soon. As always, thank you for stopping by my little area. :)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. This is the Simpsons Donut. I had one last night and let me tell yah its should be called the SUPER DONUT!!! Why? You will know when you bite into this thing, its pure sugar!!! All I am saying is that my teeth are still tingling from bitting into this SUPER DONUT! :P


Thursday, August 16, 2007

~!Siggraph was Awesome!~


What a great end to my final trip. San Diego was a blast! It was an absolute pleasure to run into fellow Mentors, AMers and professionals! The exhibition area was awesome this year and so was the job fair. I was able to get a lot of great information about what will be happening in the near future for jobs on companies I was curious about and others that I did not know of; so it was all good! I am sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have been recovering from a cold I got on the way back from San Diego. Also not to mention that my time on AM is coming to end in about 6 weeks. I am busy now working on my short and trying to do other things on the side.

So I hope to post more this week once I get some time. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been dropping by their comments on my blog! Thank you so much for all the love and support. I will passing around blogs this week and I can't wait to be inspired by all your amazing work! I hope everyone is having a great week!~ :)


Friday, August 3, 2007

.::Mo' Sketches::.

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I am off to Siggraph!~ I can't wait to meet all of the fellow AM students and staff! I hope to find out a lot of information on companies to apply for in the future while I am there; and just enjoy the booths, sites and sounds on what the companies will be working on in the years to come. I will try to post some pics of Siggraph if I have some time. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

.::San Diego Zoo::.

I am still coming off my high from Comic Con. San Diego was such an amazing city! While I was there I had the opportunity to go to the San Diego Zoo and let me tell yah its was super cool! There were plenty of animals and people to sketch from. Well, this motivated me to draw out some animal sketches while adding some personality to them. I hope all of you bloggers are doing well! Have a great week everyone!


.::!!!!COMIC CON WAS AWESOME!!!!:::.

WOW! What a wonderful event of art, comics and professionals under one roof! The atmosphere was so overwhelming and energetic. I had the pleasure to meet some the best artists in the biz. It was an event I will not forget and that I hope to visit many times in the future. Iron man was on everyones minds this year and I must say he looks absolutely amazing!!! Enjoy the pics and video below! Keep in mind this is only a portion of all the videos and pics that were taken during Comic Con. My roommates and I had a totally of 22.2 gigs worth of pics and videos combined!San Diego was a beautiful city!!! Enjoy!



Sunday, July 22, 2007

.::~!Comic Con!~::.

Hey dudes and dudettes! I am off to San Diego tomorrow to enjoy the sites and the sounds that the city of San Diego can offer me. Oh, yeah and I will be at this littel thing called Comic Con for the first time to see all the amazing work of all you wonderful artist out there in blog world! :)

I can't wait. I till be my first time at Comic Con and San Diego. I will try to post pics of Comic Con onces it starts for others who can not make it.

In honor of comic con I wanted to draw Wonder woman if she decided to let herself go after retiring form crime fighting.

These are just some more sketches for the week.

Miss Universe years later :P

Have a great week everyone!!!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

~The Little Elephant~

Hey you crazy talented bloggers out there!

How are you doing?

Well, here is another sketch for the AM forums. This weeks topic was an elephant. For this one, I wanted to go back to using the red pencil because I missed it so; and let me tell yah, I was happy I did. I really need to just go out and buy more red and blue pencils. I don't know what it is about them but I just enjoy drawing with them. Well I hope you like the little elephant. Have a great week peeps!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

.::Back in the Bay Area::.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being absent from my blog; it was hard to get around to it when I was in LA. Now I am back in the Bay area to finish up my final class at Animation Mentor! I wanted to thank all the people at Rhythm and Hues for a great learning experience! It was a blast to be next to amazing animators at Rhythm and Hues. I wanted to wish the best to all the other apprentices who will be working at Rhythm and Hues, CONGRATS!!! All the apprentices whom I had the honors of working alongside them are so extremely talented and head strong that I have no doubt that they will have a wonderful future in this industry! I will definitely look for you names on the credits guys! :)

I will miss the wonderful people and beaches down there in So-Cal but all good things come to an end. I also wanted to thanks Rhythm and Hues for the wonderful opportunity/job offer to join their team but unfortunately at this time I will want to finish my studies. This leads me to my next point, Class 6!!~ Whoa, I finally made it and now I need to finish this class to graduate! I am so excited!

Below are a couple of pics of my time there in LA and some sketches along the way. People love wearing shades in LA and I don’t blame them with that sun in your face, but I saw this lady that just had the biggest shades ever and I had to caricature her. As for the rest it was just random sketches as I usually do. I will be on top of this blog more now that I am in the Bay area again and have a scanner :P

Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!


Monday, June 18, 2007

~!In and Out!~

Hey dudes and dudettes!!!

I hope you are all doing great. Well, I am on my third week here at R+H and it has been going AWESOME!!! I feel like my time here is just zooming by. I have two more weeks and then I am back in SF…weep weep :(

This past weekend was awesome! I got to see the special sneak preview of Ratatouille playing here in LA! All I have to say is that Brad Bird and the amazing Artists at Pixar did it again! When it comes out, RUN TO THE THEATER TO SEE IT!!! And see it at least 100 times; trust me you will want to see it more than that! It is such an amazing film with a great message that anyone can be what they want to be no matter the odds! :)

I also had another run at eating those amazing burgers at In and Out! :) If you don't know what that is, you need to come to So-Cal! They are so good! ;) Yummy!!!

Well, that is it for me. Have a wonderful week! Keep on swimming....keep on swimming~ :)

Nice! In and Out Burgers!!! Yum!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

~!Fun and Sun!~


Thank you all for all the wonderful comments that you have left me on my previous post about the apprenticeship at Rhythm and Hues studios. I am here in LA now for only a month. You might be asking yourselves, “only a month?” Well, the animation apprentice program only runs for a month then I am back in San Francisco to finish up my final class on Animation Mentor. I also wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and support on my little blog area here in regards to the sketches I post, I totally appreciate it! I was given this opportunity at Rhythm and Hues for animation and not illustration, so I wanted to make that clear as well.

On to the good stuff, Rhythm and Hues is such a great and cool place to be!!! The people and the company have been so good to me here. The atmosphere is laid back yet hard working. I know that sounds a bit contradictory but they love to work and play hard here; which is great!!! The work they are doing here is top notch and just inspiring. I hope to tell you more these coming weeks through my experience as an apprentice. Which is not much because I signed an agreement saying I won't say anything, so sorry about that..hehe :P But just know that it is an unbelievable and inspiring crew of artist here at Rhythm and Hues!

In other news, I also went to visit the beaches this weekend and let me tell you that are just amazin!!!! This is California! Fun and sun!!! Santa Monica and Venice beach are just soooo beautiful!

Below is a sketch of a lady that looked like someone I remember seeing on Venice Beach. So it is my memory sketch for the week. I tell you this area has to be one of the best places to bring you sketch book or a piece of paper and draw like crazy; but unfortunately I forgot my sunblock :P So many different types of people along the board walk that are just great for sketching!

I apologize for the image quality but I have no scanner up here in LA; so I had to use my camera to take a pic of it under poor light conditions. I hope you enjoy the sunny pics below as well :)

I will have more to post next week for sure. But for now enjoy the pics, it is so beautiful here and the pictures just don’t do it justice. I should get to bed now because I have to wake up super early and that is something I am not use to yet :P But its so worth it, because I still can’t believe I am here at such an AWESOME studio that is Rhythm and Hues! And I am only two blocks away from the beach! :)



Monday, May 28, 2007


I have some crazy news this week. I got a call from one of the most amazing studios out there working on character animation, RHYTHM AND HUES STUDIOS!!! The news came to me last week. I was doing my laundry (my cell phone was not on me at the time) and to my surprise I saw a missed call from L.A. when I came back. Once I heard my voice mail I was shocked! Rhythm and Hues Studios called me! As you are reading this, you might be asking yourself; so now what?
Well, I am happy to say that I will be participating in the Animation Apprentice program. It’s been a week since the great news and I still can’t believe it. I am sorry if I haven’t been posting recently but I have been busy packing up my stuff for L.A. The Animation Apprentice program runs for about a month. I can already imagine the great advice and experience that I will learn while I am down there; I can’t wait!!! I hope to connect to the internet once I arrive to L.A. so that I can continue to post while I am out there. I hope to bring fun drawings, news and pics about my journey in So-Cal these coming weeks! :)
I also want to thank all of those who have given me and continuing to give me great feedback on both my drawings and animations. A huge shout out to all the Mentors and Students on Animation Mentor! I also want to thank the OSG, you know you are; without your support when I was feeling doubt or have troubles, you guys where always there to listen and help. I also want to thank my roommates with all the help and support; as well as others who gave me support along this journey.

Keep working hard and stay true to your dreams! They do come true sooner or later.

Maybe its just the great news but I felt like drawing a dude on stilts, go figure. :)
Have a wonderful week everyone! I hope to have the next post from L.A.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

~I got tagged!~

What is up yal!? So this weekend I got tagged by Mel Milton, no introduction needed but if you haven't heard of him he is just one of the most prolific and talented character designer that I am privileged to know! His site is

Check out his site, if you haven't trust me you will thank me in the morning, this dude is all about drawing! Speaking of inspiration, as I was saying I got tagged. There seems to be this thing going around the blogs this weekend about going and tagging someone to draw 7 random things, anything you want. it is for fun. Then drop that tag on another 7 artist and so and so forth. I think this was started on Alina Chau's site. Great idea Alina! She is an amazing artist with wonderful colors and a great style! Be sure to check out her site

Amazing artist on the blogs. Speaking of which be sure to check out Ana Banana site, she inspired me to do a sketchy dark piece. You will know what I mean when you see her mermaid post. She is an amazing artist, with such wonderful creativity, style and colors, the triple threat :) Be sure to check out here site, you will be inspired! Go

For anyone wondering if I have more artist to speak great things about I will on future posts, I don't want to leave anyone out, because I am inspired everyday by all the amazing artist out there in the blogs that keep me picking up my pencil everyday with inspiration and ambition to become a better artist. :)

Well that is it for me, I will be sure to post up more cool news as it comes, certainly on the next post. Quote of the day goes to Benjamin Franklin, "Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Have a great weekend!
Here are my seven for the tag game :)