Sunday, July 22, 2007

.::~!Comic Con!~::.

Hey dudes and dudettes! I am off to San Diego tomorrow to enjoy the sites and the sounds that the city of San Diego can offer me. Oh, yeah and I will be at this littel thing called Comic Con for the first time to see all the amazing work of all you wonderful artist out there in blog world! :)

I can't wait. I till be my first time at Comic Con and San Diego. I will try to post pics of Comic Con onces it starts for others who can not make it.

In honor of comic con I wanted to draw Wonder woman if she decided to let herself go after retiring form crime fighting.

These are just some more sketches for the week.

Miss Universe years later :P

Have a great week everyone!!!



GhettoFab said...

Heya Rob!

You lucky dog!! I wish I were goin....

Great post both of these are great. That wonder woman is hilarious!

Piya said...

I'll see you there Rob! I'm sure you'll have a great time! (Unlike last year where you chickened out on us at the last second.....)

UrbanBarbarian said...

I'm not sure which one I like better!!!

Maciek Gliwa said...

Hey Rob,
too bad I am coming to San Diego for Siggraph only. I would love to be on Comic Con too. But I hope we will meet on Siggraph. I will be in San Diego since 3.08 till 10.08.



RoB said...

WHOA!!! I am here in San Diego and I must say it is a BEAUTIFUL CITY!!! It has been super hard to get on my lappy since I have been out here so I apologize for not getting back to you guys but it has been great out here and I come home so tired. But I will try to be a bit better about getting around to emails and all that jazz as best as I can while I am out here.

Mel: Ahh, dude you can't break my heart like that; I thought for sure you would go.

Piya: Whatever!!! You know I was low on money and well life gets in the way, but I will see you tonight for Preview Night!!!

Urbanbarbarian: Hehe, thanks dude, I am happy that you liked them :)

Mac: DUDE!!! I think I might go to Siggy this year, so not all hope is lost. It would be great to meet you dude!~ I will be here now enjoying Comic Con at the moment!



LauraBraga said...

HI Rob!:)
have a great time in San Diego, i was there last year and the first comicon is always amazing!!!:)
great pictures...very hilarious!!!he-he-he!!!:)


robertc said...

yo rob! hope you had a great time in SD. hope you loaded up on the sketchbooks! can't wait to see more of your pencil work, man.

RoB said...

Laura: Yeah, it was amazing! Anyone that loves art should be there!

RobC: Hey dude! Bro you have to go if you have never been to comic con! It is absolutely amazing! So many people and so much cool art and sculptures!