Monday, April 14, 2008

..::!From Stranger to Eye Candy Heaven!::.

Whoa! First off, I want to say that yours truly is part of this amazing book published by Alberto Ruiz(no introduction needed) through Brand Studio Press. Yeah, can you believe it, little old me got in; I must have done something right in my past life. I don't know how I managed to get into this but I am absolutely grateful to be a part of this one of kind book. Thanks Alberto!~

So here is the book:

Both of these books are amazing! So be sure to pick yourselves up a copy here for ECFS v1.0 book 1 and here for
ECFS v1.0 book 2 (this is the one I am in, WoOtWoOt!~). Both books are hard cover and are just filled with so much inspiration and amazingly talented artists from the industry and blog community. To sum up, these books are kick ass, as well as beautifully printed and bounded. So, in other words, go get'em!

Last but certainly not least, I have to thank my man Jamie. Check out his blog here; this cat is gonna be something big I know it! If it wasn't for this dude, I would have never applied to try out for this books above. Thanks for believing in me dude!~ Also congrats on getting into art school! Pooooooop!~ ;P



Tuesday, March 18, 2008


...Ugh, sorry for the lack of posts on my area. I really need to get into the swing of things again. Not much on this post I know; but I will get some cool things up that I have been working on very soon!~ Oh and something super cool is on its way, but I will talk about that more on the next post! I can't wait to share that with everyone!

In the mean time enjoy these rough passes at my attempt to draw something.

Have a great weekend!~

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

..::The Untitled Post::..

Ahh....hmm...not much to say...err...hmm...


Oh yeah, I got links on the right hand side ;)

Have a good weekend!~


Saturday, January 26, 2008

~Time to Celebrate!!!~ ....

...even if its only for a moment... ;)

Ok, so I am finally back. What a great trip! I finally graduated! WOOT WOOT!
The Animation Mentor Graduation was absolutely AMAZING! I was finally able to meet people from my classes that I have never met in person before. Everyone was super friendly as well as absolutely classy and cool! It was my absolute honor to meet up with as many students and mentors as I could.

All these future students are the next generation of animators going into the industry; and it’s such a pleasure to see them grow and find jobs out there in the industry.

Celebrations all around to all my buddies at Animation Mentor, it was an amazing Graduation everyone!

So this whole trip was a huge wirl wind of surprises to say the least. These past days went by so fast and unbelievablly hectic that it felt like a dream and a nightmare at the same time. Like the title of this post reads, it was truly an escape from the norm for me in so many ways; and I am absolutely grateful for everything that happened these past days that I will never forget.

So, now I awoke from my dream to find myself back here at home in the East once again. I was able to gain a lot from my experience back West on what might or might not be in store for me in the future in regards to a career in Animation.
So now what? Hmm….good question. Well I am still on my quest to find a job in animation so now is my time for me to apply anywhere and to anyone that is willing to look at my animation reel. I have been going around job boards and websites all to find out that there are not too many positions available out there but I am learning more about companies I never heard of before.

It feels really promising but at the same time I feel super anxious because it takes time to hear back a decision from these studios; so all one can do is just wait until they reply back or something :P

So this new post is all about celebrations right…well… today we celebrated my Grandmother’s birthday at a nice restaurant in the city. Then we came home and had her cake all ready and set for her to blow out her numbered 82 candles :) She is now 82 years old, AMAZING!!! She has been a huge inspiration for me in so many ways but not only; she has to be my one and only supporter on me perusing this career. I am grateful that I have someone close by my side like her supporting me through the patchy times like now while I wait and endure the long haul of trying to get a career started in this industry.

82 year is a long time and still kick’n!

So here is a sketch for the week. I will be back with more so stay tunes. But I need to get back to searching for any possible open animations out there to apply to ;)

Scared…hehe, this one was fun to draw because it how I feel right now, a bit anxious to hear back from anyone to start an animation career and at the same time confused about how it might all pan out :P

Oh yeah! One last thing, be sure to check out the links list on the side, there are some new ones up there! Amazing artist and inspiration at its best!

Have a great week!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Going back to Nor-Cal...

...for my Graduation!~ Its that time of year where me and other fellow AMers will be in the city of San Francisco to enjoy all our hard efforts that we accomplished through the AM program...well, that and just enjoy each others company and actually meet one another for the first time EVER...IN PERSON...without a webcam or internet connection present :P

I guess I will be taking a break from the cold out here in the East and enjoying some of that wet weather that is happening in the West.

I will be sure to update some fun pics and videos of the Graduation ceremonies for sure. In the mean time, I have to pack and get all set, so I leave you with some fun and loose sketches here before I go to San Francisco. Enjoy!

Hehe, I thought this might be fun to share... :P ;)