Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Ahh....hmm...not much to say...err...hmm...


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Manny Mederos said...

Hey Rob!
Love the guy in the fetal position on the first piece. HAHA! Definately love how all your characters are doing there own little unique thing rather than all of them standing in the same position. Great Job!

macaronni said...

Love the human poses!

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Rob,

thanks for stopping by dude! your comments are always welcome :)

i'm lovin' this post, great job on the last one there, i like your clean line.

keep at it man! how is the job hunt going?
best of luck


StudioRisingStar said...

Hey Rob Man I'm loving those sketches in the first one! Did you do those on the streets of NY? Nice post up G!


Ahed said...

I'm diggin' those quick studies man, makes me wanna plop down in a coffee shop in down town and steal peoples souls with my drawings o_O !!

anime2000 said...

Speechless I see? Nice post by the way, I like the first pic; so much well drawn characters. Sometime I envy you Rob.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Rob, thanks for the comment! Your stuff is wonderufl! I love the alligator and the little dragon down below, too. Great great stuff, man!

Piya said...

Very interesting silhouette shapes. Good job Robert!!

Aldo said...

Nice work! Love the first one from top.. the one with people..

martin wittig said...

Very nice designs!:)

Lena said...

Greetings!Your talent is amazing! You very good artist!
Good bye!

Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Supercool! I love the crocodile one!

RoB said...

Manny: Thanks for stopping by and I glad you liked the dude in the fetal position.

Macaronni: Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by.

Dan: Job hunting is not really going anywhere at the moment but I will keep trying, that is all one can do. Thanks for stopping by dude!~ :)

SRS: Hey dude, great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well back in the bay area. Its a mix of my outings in NY and NJ.

Ahed: Whoa! He is alive...hehe, thanks for stopping by dude. I cant wait to pass by your area...comments coming your way dude ;)

Anime2000: Thank you so much for the super nice words you said...gosh you are too nice! :)

Alex: Glad you digged it dude, your stuff rocks!

Piya: Great dude, glad you like them poses. I can't wait to see your latest post.

Aldo: Thanks for coming on by my blog, I totally appreciate it!

Martin: Glad you liked the shapes and sketches.

Lena: You are to kind and nice... thank you for the support I really appreciate it!

Sarita: Hey! Long time no hear I need to pass by your area and say hello. Thanks for the stopping by!

Thank you all for all the super thoughtful and kind words!~


BarryO said...

Hi again Rob,
Great stuff. Will you be at Comicon NY?
Hopefully you've found a nice gig five minutes from home.


Bryan Wynia said...

amazing shapes and line. Your characters and really fun and full of life. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

yooooooooo whats going on? what coast are you on?

adrian said...

Hey Sketchin Bear!
These are great. I love the looseness of them and the confidence of your line. Awesome man. Keep it up.

Kei Phillips said...

these are really great! ace new pics!

RoB said...

Barryo: Thanks dude. Yes, I hope to be at Comic Con NY this year.

Bryan: I am glad that you enjoyed the shapes. Glad to share :)

Jamie: Yo!~ Yeah dude, we definitely have to meet up.

Adrian: I really appreciate it dude! I am happy that you like them.

Kei: Great to hear from you!~ Hearing these great words from you is great!~

Thanks again everyone for all the wonderful support and for stopping by my area.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Your style is really strong. I love the big goofy faces, so much character!

Lena said...

Hi!You have the beautiful , finally made sketches.
Thanks for your comment!

RoB said...

Andrew:Thanks for stopping by and for the ultra nice words!

Lena:Thanks, glad you like'em!~


Jamie said...

pooooooooooop pooooo

tom said...

Hey Rob,

great sketches!
Your blog needs an update:D

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey rob,

thanks man, i'm 110% better then i was a week ago, but thanks for the kind words and stopping by dude!
keep at it and can't wait for an update!

Dan Segarra said...

Not so much to say... except, THESE ROCK!

Doreen Mulryan Marts said...

Awesome sketches!!! Just came across your site, looks great!

The Karpet Shark said...

Always improving! Always pushing....Good luck man ;)

Jason Barnes said...

yeap, these are all really nice sketches. pretty solid in every respect.

keep it easy,

RoB said...

Jamie: Ahh, my friend, you are so articulate ;P Let me know how the application goes to that kick ass art school in NY that you are applying to!

Tom: It is coming, sorry dude, I know I have been MIA on my blog lately, feel bad but I am posting up stuff as soon as I am done here replying back to the nice comments that you and others left!

Dan Szilagyi: Hey man, glad I can help in anyway to keep you on the blogs and motivated, I will be sure to pass up by and see the latest of the greatest on your area!

Dan Segarra: You are too kind dude and been a great friend with all of your support. I need to email you some news and stuff. Great to hear from you on the blogs.

Doreen Mulryan Marts: Thank you for passing on my my little area here and for the nice words. I totally appreciate it! :)

The Karpet Shark: HOLY CRAP!!! Is it who I think it is! Yep, oh you know I am gonna pass by your area to say 'WAT UP!!!" ;P

Jason Barnes: Hey dude, glad you liked them. I hope to post up soon here in a bit.

Thanks a bunch everyone and sorry for being so absent from my blog...its time to post again mo' often! ;)