Tuesday, March 18, 2008


...Ugh, sorry for the lack of posts on my area. I really need to get into the swing of things again. Not much on this post I know; but I will get some cool things up that I have been working on very soon!~ Oh and something super cool is on its way, but I will talk about that more on the next post! I can't wait to share that with everyone!

In the mean time enjoy these rough passes at my attempt to draw something.

Have a great weekend!~


StudioRisingStar said...

Diggin' these figure studies Man!
I think everybody is going through that to mane...


Jesus Lopez said...

Great blog and great works!very nice
Kind regards,

Piya said...

Hey dude. Great sketches from life. We should head to the City sometime to do some life drawing. Whaddya say?

Eric Orchard said...

Great sketches! Especially the hatted lady!

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Hahaha, congrats on tracking down those rare species, man! And these sketches are just great!

StudioRisingStar said...

ANimal crakerz!!!


Tevik Avakyan said...

Great sketches!

anime2000 said...

Well it's good to see you made a new post. Good luck with your animal cracker search. I love the sketches you did of all those people; can't wait to see what it is you got everyone waiting for.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Rob

Nice works man! Its been a while since i've stopped by, good to see you are still posting though. I like the first two (three?) posts with the people, i like it because it seems like a style change almost, or rather you drew them less cartoony which is cool to see ( don't take me wrong i dig your toons!)

anyway great work man


macaronni said...

That woman in the long coat is my kind of style :D

Thanks for dropping by :)

Kei Phillips said...

HI!!! I really love these sketches! the pandas expression is great! XD

GhettoFab said...

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBB! You son of a gun! Where you at these days? Sorry for the lack of stoppin by as I am holdin on to the last bit of sanity I have.

Great post sir. Now Im hungry to draw and for crackers!

Hope all is well and will have to do some catchin up with you soon



Ken said...

wow Rob Im really diggin this post, esp images 1 and 3.... superb!

bog_art said...

Thanks for your visit and your comment in my blog.. I can see you have a really nice line style in your work!.. your character designs are simply amazing.. congratulations!..

PS: Good luck with your searching!.. you will find that Koala for sure..

RoB said...

SRS: Thanks dude. I wish I had more time to do more. I hope all is well in the Bay area. Oh yeah and Animal Crackers,mmmm…yummy!~

Jesus Lopez: Thanks for passing on by and for the kind words :)

Piya: Yeah dude, we have to totally go out and draw from life; now that it’s getting warmer in the East.

Eric Orchard: An honor to have you comment on my area. Thanks for commenting!

Alex: Thanks for the support on tracking down them animal crackers and also thanks for the nice words on my sketchy sketches.

Tevik Avakyan: WooT! Thanks

Anime 2000: Yeah, I know sorry for the off and on posts here. Thanks for passing on by as always. I hope you are doing well. I will be sure to pass on by your area soon.

Dan: Thanks bro! yeah, I like experimenting with different styles. I try to learn from them all then apply them later. Some work some don’t but that is part of the fun.

Macarooni: Ahh, neat. I will be sure to draw more in that style. Thanks for passing by :)

Kei Phillips: Ah, always a pleasure to see your work and to get comments from you. Glad you liked the panda.

Mel: Yes! Dude, long time no hear. Yeah, sorry for being MIA. Been busy trying to get a job and start my career in animation but it’s been harder than I thought. But hey dude, we totally have to catch up. I hope you have a wonderful trip in Europe!~

Ken: YO! Great to hear from you. Thanks dude! I love your avatar! Glad you digged the posts.

Bog_Art: Thanks for passing on by my area, I totally appreciate it!

All my best!