Sunday, January 6, 2008

Going back to Nor-Cal...

...for my Graduation!~ Its that time of year where me and other fellow AMers will be in the city of San Francisco to enjoy all our hard efforts that we accomplished through the AM program...well, that and just enjoy each others company and actually meet one another for the first time EVER...IN PERSON...without a webcam or internet connection present :P

I guess I will be taking a break from the cold out here in the East and enjoying some of that wet weather that is happening in the West.

I will be sure to update some fun pics and videos of the Graduation ceremonies for sure. In the mean time, I have to pack and get all set, so I leave you with some fun and loose sketches here before I go to San Francisco. Enjoy!

Hehe, I thought this might be fun to share... :P ;)



Dan szilagyi said...

nice drawings rob! i love the little dragon and the girl's face that you did.
hope you have a good time up there dude


StudioRisingStar said...

Hey Rob!
I'll see you this week man!
Great work!


bsleven said...

Thanks for the Happy holiday greeting! : )

How in the heck are ya?!

E-mail me and fill me in on all of your exciting adventures. : )

I like your designs in this post too!

: )

Alfredo said...

WTHM!!! Happy 2008!
Congratulations for your Graduation! hope you are having a blast in SF with everyone from AM and 5308.
cool drawings!
what' s up with that Bear pic is that in NY..? looks like a cool store to visit.
good luck

anime2000 said...

Thanks Rob for the comment. In this post I like the first pic the most. I tried to draw it in school today but it seems to be more of a challenge that I thought.

Urban Barbarian said...

Great stuff!!!!! Love your work!

Peer Lemmers said...

those top 2 sketches are kick ASS! awesome work dude.

Mel Maduro said...

Great sketches, I especially like that cute portrait of the smiling girl. Nice Work!

Mel Maduro said...

Great sketches, I especially like the cute portrait of the smiling girl. Nice stuff!

tom said...

Hey, what a cute dragon!
Great post!

Piya said...

Great drawings, but what's with the dragon? Only losers draw dragons!! Haha!

RoB said...

Dan: Thanks dude! I have been having a blast up here in SF but I will post up some stuff when I get back East this Thursday. Thanks again for stopping by!

SRS: Yeah dude, I hope to see yah before I go and thanks for the 'No-Cal'...err...'Nor-Cal' thing, I need to change that ;)

bsleven: Oh! Great to hear from you! Yeah, I am good, I will send yah an email and let you know what is up with everything.

Alfredo: Thanks man! Ah, that beat pic thing, is just a store in NY. It's for the holidays. Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you are doing well in Panama!

anime2000:Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, drawing the human figure is hard but super fun! Just keep at it and you will see you will be drawing the human form in no time! Thanks for stopping by!

Urban Barbarian: Thanks dude!!!

Peer: Thank ye kind sir :P Glad you liked them dude!

Mel Maduro: Glad you liked it! Ahh, some amazing work on your end, I will be sure to leave a comment! :)

Tom: Great to hear from yah buddy! Awesome dude, glad you liked the little dragon :)

Piya: HAHAHAHA! That one made me laugh coming from you dude! HAHA!

Thanks for all the support everyone!


Alina Chau said...

beautiful drawings!

RoB said...

Alina: I am happy you liked them...thanks for the nice the words, especially coming from you! You rock!~


robi pena said...

Hey Rob!! Your blog is absolutely amazing!! Very, very nice personages :-)!! Congratulations!

RoB said...

Robi Pena: WOW! Thank you for your wonderful comments. Your work rocks! Thanks again for the support.


Heidi Smith said...

Love the sketches!! The smiling lady with curly hair ROCKS!!!

RoB said...

Heidi Smith: WooT! Thank you so much for stoping by my area. I am glad you liked the curly hair lady :)


Erwin Madrid said...

These are fun drawings! I like the dragon with his little teeth sticking out.

Tooninator said...

Fantastic Blog. I'll be back.