Sunday, July 15, 2007

~The Little Elephant~

Hey you crazy talented bloggers out there!

How are you doing?

Well, here is another sketch for the AM forums. This weeks topic was an elephant. For this one, I wanted to go back to using the red pencil because I missed it so; and let me tell yah, I was happy I did. I really need to just go out and buy more red and blue pencils. I don't know what it is about them but I just enjoy drawing with them. Well I hope you like the little elephant. Have a great week peeps!



Piya said...

Like the humorous style. Where's Aladdin?

RoB said...

Piya: Hey dude, glad you liked it. I think Aladdin got happily married with Jasmine and live in a huge kingdom now :P


LauraBraga said...

hi Rob!
first time in your blog!!:)
you have great stuff here!
the last pic is very beautiful!!


robertc said...

haha! sweet elephant! welcome back to bay, man. are ya hitting any sketch crawls soon?

Heather said...

Glad I stopped by your blog. You are quite the talented person. Congrats with Rhythm and Hughes, bet you had a blast.

dintoons said...

great elephant rob, an indian one i note... seen quite a few of those around here... LOVE the toony style! and those quickes below are great, how long did it take to draw them...??

RoB said...

RobC: Glad you liked it buddy. Sketch crawl..hmm... I just checked you blog and I saw the link, I didn't even know that existed :P But now I do, I will need to read up on it to see how it works. I always wanted to participate on many blog/forum sketch stuff but I don't know how to do so. I need to research that stuff more.

Heather: Thanks for the nice words. Yeah, R+H was an awesome experience and the pros and apprentices(who are pros now) are just the coolest and most talented people I had the honor to meet! Thanks for stopping by my area.

Dintoons:Hey dude,glad you liked my cartooney take on an Indian elephant. My quickies below are done when I take my breaks away from my PC/animating to give my mind a rest and that is what I usually post on my blog. My breaks can go from 20-30mins. Although many times I keep working on these to get them to a less rough/sketchy state than what I post. I usually post sketches here that I just hammer out fast then I go later on and clean them up on my own time.

Thanks everyone for coming on by my area and showing me some blog love.


ken said...

hey dude! cute elephant! :D

RoB said...

Ken: Thanks dude, I am glad you enjoyed the cute little elephant :)