Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still Alive….

…but barely :(

Yeah, so, uhh, hmm….what is up!?

Man, it has been a while since I graced the pages of my blog and let me tell yeah its needs some updating. YIKES!~

First off I want to say a HUGE SUPER BIG, ‘THANK YOU!~’ to those who have commented on my last post...which was in October...ouch! That was a long time ago...well sorry about that but there has been a lot of soul searching since then and packing and finally traveling,etc.

But in all seriousness, I was really touched by the nice comments and encouragement that everyone left. Thanks a bunch! :)

Well, I am back on the East coast and let me tell yah, it is freaking cold out here right now!!! Wow, was I spoiled by the nice weather of San Francisco so much so that I got sick on the way here and I am still recovering :(
But hey, its home and I love it this time of year here in the East. You really feel the spirit of Christmas and all that holiday season junk…hehe :P

So many people have asked “Have you found work?” or “What the hell are you doing now?” ..oh and my favorite, "Hey! Are you dead?" Well, not much to report boys and girls…I am very much alive but other than that I am still looking for work. So in the mean time while I look for work I will be on this blog a lot more and probably working on an actually website. But in the mean time I have to make income so I might just have to give into the meat grinder and find a regular steady 9-5 boring desk job if I must…ugh!~ Not pleasing at all but hey, it’s a living :P I hope that this will not be the case and that I acctually find something before then...so keep yah fingers crossed :)

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posting around the blogs…I am sure I have to play serious catch up on all the great artwork that is out there being updating by my favorite artists and friends. I hope I haven't been too absent from my blog that people have already forgotten me; but I guess its time to post more and comment around to see what the vibe is on the blogs.

Oh, yeah...one cool little thing I found while browsing the net, was this little bear packaging from Japan, super cute so I thought, hey, why not post it up:

Anyway, I thought it was cute and those who know me will know why I put up that little bear thing :P

Well, thanks again for those who still keep coming to my little blog area :) I will be on top of it now since I have so much free time...



StudioRisingStar said...

I miss you already! Keep going man..
And stay in touch. I know I'll see you next year and at comiccon.


Rok Andic said...

Hey Robert. I'll just top it with another question: "How's the film going?"

I loved its progress in AM and would really like to see it in full form with colors and all other jazz...

Oh yeah and keep the blog alive :)


Diana said...

Wow your draws are amacing, congratulations!!!

Diana said...

i would like to meet you

Ken said...

hey doooooood

glad the move went well, and ya cannae beat the cold weather at this time of year!

Best of luck on the job hunting. im sure something will come your way :D

Great posts too - love the teddy! and the girl sketch rocks. Really nice. So does the other wee guy!

Ken :D

robert casumbal said...

yo yo... welcome back man! that's a cute bear.. but damn, that is one sweet female pose! i love exaggerated curves. that's one of my favorites!

HerbieCans said...

Hi!haha wow I think this was a great update. I hope you can find a job soon..better drawing of course! I must say that girl is great: shape and posture look really nice and works great!
I understand you about that cute bear. Last year in Tokyo I saw a lot of stuff of that character and I have a postcard somewhere and some gums.
uhmm who knows? maybe the new year is holding a new job!

RoB said...

Brandon: Hey, thanks buddy! Glad to be back. For sure I will see yah next year, maybe in a couple of weeks or so ;)

Rok: WHOA dude!!! Great to hear from yah!!! Yeah, the film...right...yup, I believe its all done for the most part. I hope you have been doing well. I will pass by your area to say what's up!?

Diana: Hi and thank you for coming to my little blog area. I appreciate the comments. I see you just started to blog so that should be fun, I can't wait to see what you post up on yours. Looking forward to it! :)

Ken: HEHE, thanks dude! I am happy that you liked them..the teddy bear is super cute isn't he..hehe...thanks for the encouragement dude! :)

RobC: OH SNAP! Great to hear from yah! Thanks for the Welcome back...I am happy that you like those sketches dude, I hope to have more scanned up shortly :)

Herbiecans: HAHA, thanks! A drawing job would be awesome but I am looking for an animation gig, but if I can do both, even better right? :P :D HAHA, cool he came in gum, I should google that...hehe. Thanks for the wonderful comments :)


Piya said...

Welcome home Robert! Look forward to seeing you very soon!

dintoons said...

hey rob, great to see you're back!! congrats on completing your AM studies, am sure you'll find a great job that matches your awesome talent!! your passion and dedication will definitely find you that dream animation job, so hang in there dude, n all the very best!!
and cute lil piggy that one...!!

RoB said...

Piya: Yeah dude, I look forward to catching up with yah to see how you have been :)

Dintoons:Thanks for the welcome back and the congrats on the AM studies. Glad you liked the piggy :) I hear yah, I have to keep that passion to keep on going here but I hope things will work out :)


Jason Newkirk said...

Rob, thanks for the comments on my blog. I think we met at Siggraph at the Animation Mentor graduation. I was there with Mel. I met so many people, but I think we met. :D Hey good luck with your job search dude...Just keep pluggin at it.


RoB said...

Jason: Yes, I remember now! Great to hear from you dude! :) Yup, I met you, Mel and his wife at Siggraph. Great to hear from you! The blog world is such a small community...hehe :)


GhettoFab said...

“Have you found work?” or “What the hell are you doing now?” ..oh "Hey! Are you dead?"

Figure I would throw the trifecta up ...

Good to see you back on the grid ! Hope all is goin well and love the sketches

RoB said...

Mel: Hehehe...I will give yah the answer trifecta:

-I am very much alive


Seriously though, all things are good but cold back East. I will be sending out reels next week hopefully :)


Petimetre said...

Felicidades, Roberto, tu trabajo es magnífico. keep sketchin´.

RoB said...

Petimetre-Muchas gracias por vistar mi blog :) Y tambien muchisimas gracias por su comentarios! :)


dan szilagyi said...

hey man,
you've got some AMAZING work on here for being a grad! i'm surpised you haven't been hired! but no doubt you will very soon.
its cool to read your story and see what's going on.
so again super cool work and i'll be stopping by again


RoB said...

Dan: Thank you so much for stopping by my area and for the nice words, you are too kind :)

Yeah, I will keep updating here with stories and stuff, so I hope you keep on reading :)

Thanks again for stopping by :)


Dan Szilagyi said...

Hey Rob

thank you good sir for the kind words and comment.
I shall be adding you to my links shortly

keep up the awesome work!