Friday, August 3, 2007

.::Mo' Sketches::.

Hey dudes and dudettes!

I am off to Siggraph!~ I can't wait to meet all of the fellow AM students and staff! I hope to find out a lot of information on companies to apply for in the future while I am there; and just enjoy the booths, sites and sounds on what the companies will be working on in the years to come. I will try to post some pics of Siggraph if I have some time. Have a great weekend!



UrbanBarbarian said...

Great shapes on that girl! Very cool!

I think the Hulk needs a cup o' joe!

RoB said...

Urbanbarbarian: THanks, I am glad you liked the gal.

HAHAH, I will be sure to give Hulk some coffee to get him wild up! He is just tired now. :)


Sarah Satrun said...

hi- nice to find your blog! great drawings! it was nice meeting you at Comic-Con! :D

adrian said...

Wicked blog man! Your linked!

Nathan said...

Hey, Rob, hope you had a great time at Siggraph. It was awesome to finally meet up with you and Ken and hang out.
You always have such enjoyable sketches. Love the style.

ken said...

hey man! Hope you had a ball at Siggraph! DId you see a presentation on Medical Animation?

Love the drawings!

ken :D

RoB said...

Sarah: Like wise, it was awesome hanging out with you, Bruno and your Chicago crew! :) Thanks for stopping by :)

Adrian: Thanks for passing by dude! Thanks for linking me! :)

Nathan: Dude! It was AWESOME to finally meet you! Its your turn now to get the gig bro! The OSG crew is just waiting! Have a wonderful wedding dude!

Ken: Thanks dude, I had a great time at Siggraph. I am still in San Diego but I should be back in SF tonight. I unfortunately did not get to see any presentations at the time I was there. Although, that sounds really interesting, too bad I missed it :( Thanks for dropping by dude! :)


Grant Alexander said...

Sounds like alot of great things happening for you! Congrats on the R&H internship. Best wishes to you for the future!

Alina Chau said...

Nice character drawings!