Monday, May 28, 2007


I have some crazy news this week. I got a call from one of the most amazing studios out there working on character animation, RHYTHM AND HUES STUDIOS!!! The news came to me last week. I was doing my laundry (my cell phone was not on me at the time) and to my surprise I saw a missed call from L.A. when I came back. Once I heard my voice mail I was shocked! Rhythm and Hues Studios called me! As you are reading this, you might be asking yourself; so now what?
Well, I am happy to say that I will be participating in the Animation Apprentice program. It’s been a week since the great news and I still can’t believe it. I am sorry if I haven’t been posting recently but I have been busy packing up my stuff for L.A. The Animation Apprentice program runs for about a month. I can already imagine the great advice and experience that I will learn while I am down there; I can’t wait!!! I hope to connect to the internet once I arrive to L.A. so that I can continue to post while I am out there. I hope to bring fun drawings, news and pics about my journey in So-Cal these coming weeks! :)
I also want to thank all of those who have given me and continuing to give me great feedback on both my drawings and animations. A huge shout out to all the Mentors and Students on Animation Mentor! I also want to thank the OSG, you know you are; without your support when I was feeling doubt or have troubles, you guys where always there to listen and help. I also want to thank my roommates with all the help and support; as well as others who gave me support along this journey.

Keep working hard and stay true to your dreams! They do come true sooner or later.

Maybe its just the great news but I felt like drawing a dude on stilts, go figure. :)
Have a wonderful week everyone! I hope to have the next post from L.A.



GhettoFab said...

Congrats Rob!!! Thats freakin cool beans dood!I cant wait to hear all about it as thats a kik ace opportunity

You rock man!

RoB said...

Mel: Thanks dude! Not only did you blog give me inspiration, but so did you work on AM! Your short was awesome, I wish I could see the finished version but it will be once I get into the alumni site! Thanks again man!!!
I am feeling the love!


Alina Chau said...

COngrat!! THat's AWESOME!!

Peer Lemmers said...

WOOT WOOT rock on dude! you deserve it.. bring the positivity and soak like a sponge! and sleep in a bed finally :-)

cheers mate!

RoB said...

Alina: ~!WoOtWoOt!~ Thanks for the congrats :)

Peer: Yo! Thank ye kind sir! And yes I will get to sleep on a real bed and not a couch! ~!WoOtWoOt!~

Thank you all for all this wonderful support! You guys rock!


Chester Greenbag said...

Im travel from Argentina to visit this blog, and its amazing to be here, you have a great talent pal!

I like the animal sketches serie.


Montecristo said...

this is a great News!

not so unexpected ! you deserv it dude!

Keep Up the good work!



katzenjammer studios said...

sweet blog man. ad GRATS on the apprenticeship!

Piya said...

Congratulations dude. You've been working so hard. You deserve it!

myung said...

hey congratulations dude! thats great news! rdy to plunge yourself in the working field huh. hehe awesome!

when are you leaving?

RoB said...

Chester: Wow dude! Thanks for making the making the trip and dropping by my blog! Also thanks for the kind words :)

Carmello: PIZZAMAN!!! DUDE! Great to hear from you bro, I hope you are enjoying Germany! :) I bet you are kicking butt up there in film! Thanks for the support!

katzenjammer:Thanks for coming by, I am happy you enjoyed the blog and thanks for the support on the apprenticeship :)

Piya: DUDE!! I am out this weekend, I can't believe it!!! ~!WoOtWoOt!~ Thanks for nice words and support bro!

Thank you all for all the wonderful feedback and kind words. My next post will be in LA hopefully :) I can't wait!


RoB said...

Myung: Thanks dude! I am already here.


dintoons said...

congrats rob, and all the very best to you!! R&H, definitely THE best place to nurture your awesome talent!!
you're THE ONE!! ;o)

RoB said...

Dintoons: Thanks dude, its been hectic here, I hope to put up some pics or something by the end of the week. Thanks for the congrats; I am learning at an alarming fast rate on a bit of everything!


StudioRisingStar said...

Congrats big rob!
I knew something would come your way! Your art is too hot not to notice. Can't wait to hear the details from LA!


RoB said...

Brandon: Hey dude!!! Great to hear from you man! Thanks for the support bro! I am here now in LA and loving it; sure its only a month but hey I am making the best of it~ :)


Ana Banana said...

lovely drawing! wonderful!

Ana Banana said...

And congratulations!