Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~Saying goodbye to the world of CRT~

Hey peeps! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Nothing much to say other than my CRT monitor breaking over the weekend. Yup, the old CRT died on me, or is dying on me as I type. its a shame, its a good size screen; but alas I must let it go and get another monitor. I think it is time for me to say goodbye to the world of CRT and move into the LCD realm.

So this week I mixed it up a bit, I have a dancing panda, a kid, funny looking dog with spots, a little skully dude and a creature type gal thingy I drew back in the day. :P I have another fun quote for the week by William Feather, "One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." Don't sweat the small stuff , learn from it and move on because you never know when you might be called upon to be part of a cool adventure. Have a GREAT week everyone! :)



Ana Banana said...

These are beautiful,Rob! I especially love the last one at the bottom...great detail and imagination!

Sorry about your CRT!

GhettoFab said...

Rest IN peace mr crt. Helllo mr plasma flat panel.. slick post ROb!!!! Great designs al around!!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Great work! You have a great imagination and the skill to create inspiring images! Darn you!!!

Joe said...

haha nice job pushing the expressions. theyre golden :)

dintoons said...

lol!! these are so sweet!! :o)
love your designs and style!
the scrambling dog with spots looks hilarious!!

take care my friend, and a happy new beginning with the LCD!
(a few months back, my CRT friend of 7 years peacefully went to sleep... guess it was time to let it go...quietly into the night....
and now i have a supercool 17" LG LCD...which SIMPLY ROCKS!! :oD

GhettoFab said...

K rob Im taggin you....

To post 7 things (whatever topic you like), and then you are supposed to pass the TAG to 7 people!!

LauraBraga said...

Hi Rob, first time i come to visit ypur blog. You have great stuff here. I love your pencils and your cartoonist style. Great.
Sorry for your monitor.


RoB said...

Thanks everyone!

Ana: Great to hear from you again! Thanks for the kind words. I am happy you liked that last one, I was thinking of doing more of those type of creature sketches. I know, poor CRT.. :( But here I come LCD! :)

Mel: Dude!Thanks bro!Oh, I have been seeing this 7 topic tag thing around the blogs. Cool I am game bro! ~!WoOt!~

Urbanbarbarian: WOW! Thanks for stopping by. I love your work! Your tag name is awesome as well!

Joe: Thanks for passing by. Awesome avatar. You have great skills, your blog is awesome!

Dintoons: I happy you liked them! :) Yeah the dog was fun mess with. Thanks for the info on the LG lcds, I was looking into those. Great to know that they rock!

Laurabraga: Thanks for coming by! Thanks for the kind words!


ken said...

wow! awsome drawings. esp like the last one. Sorry about the CRT man... tear in the eye...

Ken :D

RoB said...

Ken: Cool dude, thanks! Yeah, too bad for the poor CRT, LCD here I come!


Alina Chau said...

AWESOME set of drawings, the bottom piece is amazing!! Love the design!

dintoons said...

a fantastic mixture of styles for your tagged post! :o)
keep 'em coming rob!

Ana Banana said...

Rob, I'm commenting here because there is no place to comment on your latest post!

You definitely are a sweet one. That is very kind of you to mention me in your post as an inspiration! You are wonderful. And the "dark" sketch is beautiful as is all of your other sketches. You have superb drawing skills...better than mine I must say. A lot of energy and freedom in them. All of them are dynamic and look professional. Just wonderful! I will come back again to comment again on your latest post once there is a place to do so!

Cheers, neighbor!

RoB said...

Ana:You are too kind. But I admire your work so much that I can only dream one day to be as creative and full of life as you show us in your work!
Ohh, I am sorry. I didn't realize that I had a setting on that post that did not allow anyone to post a comment; my mistake. I think one can post a comment on it now. Thanks for letting me know neighbor!