Saturday, February 24, 2007

.::Prince Charming::.

We had a fairy tale subject this week on the sketch pages, here is a quickie on prince charming.



bsleven said...

Wow, he is pretty darn cute. He looks like he is happily wait for his princess.

Thank you visiting my blog, and leaving the such nice comments. I hope you keep visiting. : )

Piya said...

I like the tubby legs...never thought to do that on a frog...great stuff Rob!!

Sam Fisher said...

Great frog! Great blog!

OSG fo lyfe!!! ;-)

Alina Chau said...

awesome character design!!

jonisart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Rob, and for inspiring me to get it started:-) Yours looks fantastic! Love your frog, he's got great personality.

robertc said...

great froggie! his huge pupils make him the most adorable frog i've seen. i never thought i'd ever say that. haha.