Saturday, February 3, 2007


Its been a while since I have posted do to the fact that I am working on my short film for Animation Mentor. It has been great to go back and forth with so many talented and enthusiastic animators from Animation Mentor that I call friends in this crazy and exciting industry. Well, I thought this drawing I did would represent these last days in my life because all I have been doing is thinking about my short story and how I will be developing it,presenting it and hopefully making it work. These weeks are going so fast! I also want to thank all you great artist out there that have been blogging and posting comments on my area. I can't express enough on how much I appreciate it and also how much inspiration I get from all of you who posting your amazing and inspiring art on the blogs! Always wishing everyone the best and have a great weekend everyone!



bsleven said...

I like the feeling in this drawing. He does feel pensive.
: )

robertc said...

another strong piece, rob. i've always dug your foundation work. it's great to see more of your charcoal pieces. you are a fiend with the pencil!

JeN said...

great drawing! the hands are nice. i like your gorilla drawings below too!